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The Meningitis Foundation of America is a place of knowledge and empowerment about this life-taking, disabling disease. It can take a life as quickly as 24 hours but sometimes longer so staying educated and up to date with your vaccinations plays an influential role in your health.

Education of this disease is mostly based on proactive healthcare with vaccinations against this disease as well as the other children and adults that can be susceptible to incurring such bacterial and viral diseases. This can include groups from birth to end of life, immunocompromised and those born with immunity issues. One recommendation is for adults in their mid to later years in life is to have boosters of all childhood immunizations, especially if you are actively involved with infants through fourth grade as that is when children are learning to interact and share everything including germs.

One new item that has changed recently is that families have taken part in organ donation when the tragedy strikes so that with this unfortunate circumstance happens, others have a new opportunity to have a fighting chance of living their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support sufferers of meningitis and their families through support groups, advocate for advanced research for the prevention and the long term effects of various meningitis strains as well as facilitating programs to educate the public and medical community.

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Striving to be the USA’s leader in meningitis support by promoting awareness, offering education as well as proactive vaccination guidance.

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