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Founded in 1997, the Meningitis Foundation of America (MFA) is the first national non-profit in the United States of America dedicated to the education, vaccination and eradication of meningitis. The Meningitis Foundation of America is registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing information, support and resources to individuals, families, healthcare professionals and the public at large about meningitis diagnosis, prevention and vaccinations.

MFA is an active member of the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMO) and a partner of Caring Bridge.


The Meningitis Foundation of America was established after David Spilker and his son survived pneumococcal meningitis stemming from an ear infection in 1997.

At the time the closest resource and support David Spilker and his son had was through the National Meningitis Trust in the UK. With donations from friends, family and significant endowments; the Meningitis Foundation of America was formed with the purpose to supporting others that were facing similar challenges, awareness, safety and vaccinations. Dave Spilker made the Meningitis Foundation of America, Inc. with the goals to essentially provide family support, information to the general public, and education to the medical community in order to reach universal early diagnosis for anyone suspected of having meningitis; to make meningitis vaccinations mandatory for everyone.

The MFA has been the platform for the development of a number of meningitis based organizations across America such as the National Meningitis Association and Meningitis Angels of which founders of both organizations have presided as board members of the Meningitis Foundation of America. The terrible disease can take a loved one in 24-28 hours, devastating and dissolving families when a death (especially a child) is the end result.

We are here to eradicate this disease with education and vaccination. Our challenge to everyone is make them meningitis ambassadors empowered to spread the word with prevention and vaccination.

Meet The Board

Caroline L. Petrie

Caroline L. Petrie

MFA National Secretary and CFO

Facilitating the headquarters of MFA in El Mirage, Arizona and its operations spread across the U.S., Caroline Petrie came to the Meningitis Foundation of America with years of medical, administrative, customer service experience and as an ordained minister. Caroline became involved in meningitis advocacy through her interest in needs, policy and resources for disabled communities and rare diseases. Working along side the organizations leaders, Caroline has a vast understanding of meningitis and it effects. On the day to day basis, Caroline is at the forefront of the MFA filtering communications with patients, medical professional and media relations.

Douglas M. Forman

Douglas M. Forman

MFA Vice President

Doug brings thoughtful financial ideas while supporting the rest of the board members with his even temperament keeping the foundation steady every time. With his prior supervisory experience Doug brings new ideas to the table and encouragement to implement them. Doug attends conferences relating to the cause and assists with integration of the ideas with better implementation of these ideas or programs to increase the outreach for public education, vaccination and eradication of Meningitis in all its forms.

Casey C. Alcorn

Casey C. Alcorn

MFA Director of Marketing

Unique opportunities have presented themselves and have provided Casey with a wide range of a wide range experiences that include specialize working with B2B and B2C companies. The various industries have brought her challenges that have been able to catapult her to be a reputable thought leader in multiple fields. This proven track record of excellence is backed by ranking nationally on sales charts and numerous awards for her excellence. As experience broadened, more requests of her involvement with various projects increased significantly which include consistent inquires to assist with beta testing new assets, consulting with full-funnel marketing strategies, and much more.

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