Ireland Hendrickson

Ireland HendricksonMarch 16, 2005 to April 6, 2005

Our story is similar to some of the others. My wife Lisa, had always wanted a little girl. On March 16th of 2005 that dream came true. We had a perfectly beautiful sweetheart named Ireland. She was so flawless. On April 5th things suddenly changed. Ireland was very fussy, not feeding well, yet had no temperature of any sort. She fell asleep after a while.

We thought this would be good for her. I went to run an errand that afternoon. Soon, Lisa was calling me saying Ireland had a temperature of 103 degrees and we should take her in to be seen. When I arrived, my little girl was pale with her eyes rolling back in her head and foaming from her mouth. We rushed her to the emergency room. After a few tests there she was transported to Childrens Hospital in Neenah, Wisconsin. They did a spinal tap and decided it was for sure meningitis. They just didn’t know what type yet. By 11:15 P.M. she was breathing about 85% on her own. There was nothing we could do so we went home to rest a bit. At 3:12 A.M. the doctor called us from her home. She said Irelands’ health was deteriorating. We rushed down to the hospital. After three attempts by the doctor to start her heart, she died in our arms. After something like this, a parent asks why, why, why? It turns out it was strep-B meningitis. After all that I’ve read, there are even more “whys”. With a c-section delivery none of the doctors couldn’t even tell us why. So here I am before you venturing on a labor of love. A love for Ireland, the ones who went before her, and the ones we don’t want to go after her. We are in the very early stages of starting a foundation here called Beyond Ireland. We are in communication with a local umbrella foundation here in search of start up funding and guidance.