Jacob Shine

Jacob Shine is 32 years old and lives in Mesa, Az. He and his wife beautiful Lacey are the parents of cute, smart two year old Kaladin. Jacob is a Master Auto Technician employed by a small company in Scottsdale. They care for a large collection of privately owned vintage race care, traveling to races around the country. (Kind of a dream job). In May 2018 after weeks of headaches, fevers, nausea and pain, Jacob was diagnosed with coccidiomycosis (valley fever). “ Cocci” is caused by a fungus that lives in the soil in the Southwestern United States. This fungus causes an infection that never goes away. With the use of anti fungal medications it can go into remission but can reactivate causing severe infections in the lungs, joints or in Jacob’s case in the lining around his brain and spinal cord. He completed 6 months of treatment with anti fungal treatment but by December 2018 was again experiencing severe headaches, fevers, blackouts, and behavioral changes. Early in January 2019 he was diagnosed with “cocci” meningitis. Jacob was really sick at this time, he spent many days in the hospital receiving IV medication to control the meningitis. He had a port a cath placed for IV access but within two weeks he developed a system wide staph infection which almost cost him his life. Meningitis caused inflammation near Jacob’s brain stem causing severe headaches, increased pressure in the fluid around his brain a and two small anurysms . Steroids are often used to decrease that pressure and the headaches.! In April 2019 Jacob began to have pain in his left hip, as wells as recurring fevers. Within 2-3 weeks he could hardly walk. He made two visits to his PCP and an ER visit to but was told he had sciatica. An MRI finally revealed a massive infection in that hip. The infection and long term use of steroids caused the destruction of that left hip joint requiring surgery with the need for temporary hip prothesis. If he stays well, he will have a permanent hip replacement done late this summer. After 21 days in the hospital he is home an on IV antibiotics for meningitis and the staph infection. He uses a walker to get around the house but has been unable to work for several months. Headaches and neck pain continue to be a problem and never really go away. His infectious disease doctor at told him that cocci meningitis is a “terrible beast, you just have to keep fighting it back over and over until the disease is under control.” We’re grateful for the small improvements that we see. Jacob has had some wonderful doctors who are truly concerned about him. With the support of great friends and family we look forward to when Jacob will be well. Any support or help that can be offered to Jacob is very much appreciated.